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In Loving Memory
Kate White

We are all better because of you.

Dates & Events
Shining Stars
Second Saturday of every month from 10-11am.

A dance program now in it’s 12th season that creates a class specifically designed for kids with special needs. This free class is open to anyone in the community who has a child that could benefit from this fun class. SDC members dance with these kids the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10am-11am. 

Contact Marilyn for more info 
Book Your Birthday Party Now!

We want to host your Princess or Frozen birthday party!

Let us create a day that your dancer will never forget! We are booking now for this season, so contact us for more info!

Relevé Dancewear

Holly Springs School of Dance recommends Relevé for all of your dancewear needs!

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A Note from the Director...

We hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season! The staff and I want to thank everyone for the nice cards and gifts. We really appreciate your kind gestures, but teaching all of you is our favorite gift of all!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in lots of fun events in December. Holiday Cabaret helped us raise over $25,000.00 for the Meg’s Smile Foundation! Wow! At Cabaret, we were very proud to have awarded Carlie Fuller with the HSSOD Summer Study Scholarship in the form of a full tuition waiver. Congratulations to Mia Crider for receiving a $1,000 scholarship to attend the American Dance Festival. Thanks to all of the classes who participated in this year’s “Act Two” event!!

The Christmas Parade dancers were terrific! Thanks to everyone who performed, choreographed, volunteered, or supported a dancer this holiday season, I am very proud and thankful for all you do. Bravo!

Congratulations to all of the dancers cast in Dance Theatre! We are so proud of you! Check out the complete cast on the HSSOD Dance Theatre Page!

We are so excited to welcome 2019! We had an awesome New Years Dance Jam on Dec. 29th to get the new year off to a terrific start. By offering so many classes, dancers were able to move their bodies in joyful ways all day! Here are some other things we have to look forward to in 2019!

  • Costa Rica Dance Mission Trip
  • Dance Theatre Performance
  • "Dance As If No One Is Watching" Performance
  • Disney World Performance
  • Recitals
  • Guest Artists
  • Summer Classes / Camps

Looking forward to an amazing 2019!
Love, Ms. Marilyn

Dance Theatre 2019

I am so excited to announce our cast for Dance Theatre 2019, The Little Prince! I’m adding a few characters from the book that we didn’t include when we did this story in 2013, and I have some different ideas for how to tell the story this year. I cannot wait to get started. This show is going to be lots of fun to work on and perform!

We will be looking for families to help with costuming and set/prop creation. There will also be opportunities to volunteer. Look for these requests over the next few weeks.

I am going to set up a Dance Theatre Facebook group for quick and easy communication. To join, search Facebook for “The Little Prince - Dance Theatre 2019” or go to this link:

I will send a schedule with specific rehearsal times ASAP, but plan on the first Sunday afternoon rehearsal for January 6.

*Prince*: Kate Lundy

*The Prince’s Rose*: Anna Grayce Riley

*The Rose’s Reflection in the Mirror*: Madison Manz

*Young Aviator*: Madelyn Walker

*Adult Aviator*: Rachel Walker

*Children who must grow up and the adults who help them: *Springs Ballet Company Dancers

*Reading Child*: Georgia Outlaw

*Adults Having Tea: *Charlotte Rice, Kylie Karabinos, Mia Crider, Caroline Friend

*Roses in the Garden*: Lily Adkins, Ella Bucy, Annabelle Zuromski, Leah Gracely *Rosebuds*: Abby Varga, Gabriella Franks, Georgia Outlaw

*Baobobs: *Kylee Cockerham, Annabelle Coleman, Caroline Edmondson, Riley Harris, Olivia Jones

*Lamplighters: *Isabella Dobbs, Maralee Joyner, Hope Sipek, Taylor Spies

*Foxes: *Audrey Williamson, Hannah Cowell, Kate Ennis, Samantha Fanjoy, Kira Geniesse

*Snakes: *Mia Crider, Caroline Friend, Madison Manz

*Turkish Astronomers:* Charlotte Rice, Kylie Karabinos *Scientists: *Paige Brennan, Natalia Capote, Anna Freeh

*On the Planet of Kings: *Samantha Hill, Libby Sulyi, Kelsey Allen, Julia Self, Kyra Lewis, Maggie Akins, Isabella Kozlowski

*On the Planet of Sales Clerks: *Bruce Brewer, Laney Leising, Megan Malmberg-Burnette, Lizzy Berry, Eva Robinson, Mia Errato, Gianna Joslin, Mona Batrouni, Peyton Doneth

*Business Woman who thinks she owns the stars: *Emma Babosci *The Stars: *Rowan Andrus, Erynn Long, Alexis Frazier, Grace Black, Cammie Jones, Emily Bennell, Ella Gilbert, Sophia Tollefson, Madeline Lisecki, Sarah Musolf, Madelyn Walker

*On the Planet of Vain People: *Lily Bertshofer, Grace Sipek, Danielle Schoefer, Sarah Robins, Hailey Whitehead, Gail Faulkner

*Geographers: *Anna Caldwell, Sophia Mills, Rachel Kitching, Thea Rohrer, Kaylee Viverette

*Echos: *Eve Griffith, Isabella Quiroga, Kali Scott, Layla Williams, Catherine Killough, Lily Leising, Norah Pate, Tea Binanay, Jenna Rivenbark

*Railway Switch Operators: *Brezny Stanton, Maria Little, Lea Mennen, Page Hageman

Dancin' Our Way to Costa Rica!
Help a Dancer!

Do you have a way that you could support someone in our dance family? We can share acts of kindness in a variety of ways. During what has been a very difficult time for many families, here are some ways you might be able to help….

  • Offer to donate gently used shoes or leotards to share with others.
  • Pay it forward; offer to pay for a costume or one month’s tuition for a struggling family.
  • Organize a carpool to lesson the burden of transportation.
  • Volunteer your services (props construction, sewing, graphic design work, working at events) to help dancers organizing events.
  • Pledge to say something positive to every dancer you come in contact with for a whole week. Who knows, it just might become a habit and kindness is contagious!
  • Be creative! We’re open to any suggestions!

We work hard to reach out to our community, but we also want to take care of each other! Thanks for your help!