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SDC Fundraising
Srpings Dance Company is currently raising money to provide additional shows within the community.  Thanks for your contribution!
SDC Fundraising Contribution
Springs Dance Company

An extension of the training at our school is the multi-discipline company with a Modern concentration, Springs Dance Company. Dancers who show an excellence in their training, are highly capable of collaborating with other dancers, and who enjoy residency work are invited into the company. Dancers work in a repertory setting creating original pieces to share throughout the season. This select group of dancers is an inspiration to all of the younger students by setting a wonderful example of talent and professionalism.

Springs Dance Company -- Junior. This is the newest addition to our dance family Company, directed by Jennifer Pratt and Marilyn Chappell. We added this special performance group for our younger junior dancers as a means of preparing students for SDC. Creating new works is also a main goal of this group. We love providing fun opportunities for our more serious students!


Thanks to everyone who auditioned.  We had very difficult decisions to make.  Congratulations to the following dancers...

SDC Senior-  Gabriella Adornetto, Kayden Annas, Romayne Babcock, Brooke Barrett, Shelby Carroll, Carly Cavaco, Skylar Chappell, Allison Dahloff, Emma Dressel, Grace Dunn, Marielys Franks, Caroline Friend, Tyler Fuller, Amya Holland, Maggie LeRoy, Cassidy Mayhew, Sarah Nativi, Caroline Palmer, Olivia Prevost, Charlotte Rice, Abby Scarborough, Addie Stine, Rachel Walker, Erin Young.

SDC Junior- Lily Adkins, Aliza Adornetto, Emma Babocsi, Lily Bertlshofer, Ella Bucy, Andrea Christopher, Caroline Edmondson, Meghan Eichas, Riley Harris, Bayla Huff, Abby Issler, Lia Jensen, Peri Leeds, Emily Mayhew, Dani Nowell, Kara Overby, Danielle Schaefer, Jordan Smith, Marli Steers, Ella Vertrees, Morgan Vogt, Hayley Young.

SDC Apprentice- Kelsey Allan, Danielle Bearman, Ellie Bryan, Anna Caldwell, Samantha Fanjoy, Talyn Fitzpatrick, Gabriella Franks, Katrina Haas, Maria Little, Kyra Lewis, Rachael Mealie, Sophia Mills, Emerson McDonnell, Abigail Murphy, Georgia Outlaw, Sabine Pate, Aaliyah Pugh, Clara Serao, Kaylee Viverette.