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Spring Recital/Sharing Information

Teachers will work with students the weeks of June 1st-20th to get our work to a place that is ready to share with parents. In order to facilitate social distancing, we have created a performance “sharing”schedule that runs the entire day during the week of June 22nd-27th from 9am till 8:30pm. Since dancers will not be in school, we are utilizing the entire day to make sure that we are honoring the governor’s orders. We are well aware that this may be challenging for families who work, but please know that we are simply trying to make the best of these difficult circumstances. Please see the schedule for your child’s sharing time, which is posted in our “quick links” section of the website.

Dancers will arrive at the studio in full costume and perform their piece two times during the hour. The hour will be divided into two groups of audience members. The first half of parents for any given class, will watch the performance and awards recognition. During the second half of class, the other half of parents will watch a second performance and awards recognition. The teachers will communicate with parents about which half they will watch, once we get back in June. We are asking that only parents/siblings come to the sharing, and that parents videotape to share with other family members. We will have seating set up in the studios that will honor social distancing as well as staff who will consistently wipe down door handles. Although this is not the recital we have been dreaming about, we are doing everything that we can to finish on a positive note for our amazing kids who have worked so hard all year. I always tell my advanced dancers to finish strong, and this is no exception.