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Dance Theater Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsal Blocks
January 7, 14, 21, 28 and February 4
Click HERE to download cast and rehearsal schedule

Please notify Mollie or me in advance if you will miss a rehearsal. No more than one absence is allowed.



2:30-5:00 (1/7-2/18)
SBC Barre
Phone Booth Preservation Society Ballet

February 11, 18: We will all meet together from 1:30-3:30 to do a complete run through and learn the opening and finale, which both include the entire cast.

February 23: Dress rehearsal 6:00-9:00

February 24: Show day! Shows are at 1:00 and 5:00, call time TBA

Dance Theatre Audition Results
Readers: Ella Bucy, Kira Geniesse, Caroline Edmondson, Kylie Karabinos, Madison Manz

Hens (with Denise)
Michaela Patterson
Abby Issler
Gail Faulkner
Reagan Whitley
Annie Everest
Mary Self
Natalia Capote
Avery Hormel

Tortoises (with Charlotte)
Paige Brennan
Molly Cassidy
Emma Babocsi
Sarah Robins
Aliza Adornetto
Emily Hobbet
Alana Roberts

Elephants (with Mollie)
Maya Musser
Rachel Kitching
Laney Leising
Sabine Pate
Samantha Hill
Thea Rohrer
Anna Caldwell
Talyn Fitzpatrick

Kangaroos (with Denise)
Emerson McDonnell
Kyra Lewis
Kate Lundy
Libby Sulyi
Sophie Mills

Aquarium (with Madison)
Lea Mennen
Anna Freeh
Sloan Thompson
Kaitlyn Graham
Megan Malmberg-Burnette
Lillian Griffin
Eva Robinson
Georgia Outlaw
Maggie Akins
Ava Carfano
Kelsey Allan
Mia Errato
Cate Killough

Cuckoo (with Mollie)
Hannah Cowell
Natalie Bentley
Maria Little
Kaylee Viverette
Katrina Haas
Lily Bertlshofer
Danielle Schaefer

Aviary (with Denise and Mollie)
Lily Adkins
Ella Bucy
Anna Grayce Riley
Kira Geniesse
Kate Ennis
Addie Macior
Audrey Williamson
Samantha Fanjoy

Pianists (with Denise and Mollie)
Hayden Cagle
Annabelle Coleman
Peri Leeds
Chelsea Slocum
Grace Villadsen
Kylee Cockerham
Riley Harris
Caroline Edmondson
Olivia Jones
Hope Sipek

Fossils (with Rachel)
Erynn Long
Lizzy Berry
Madeline Lisecki
Peyton Doneth
Layla Williams
Addison Musser
Jamie Renaud
Madelyn Walker
Jenna Rivenbark

Swans (with Denise and Mollie)
Isabella Dobbs
Alanna Guertin
Maralee Joyner
Kylie Karabinos
Madison Manz
Charlotte Rice
Rachel Walker
Ciara Renaud
Mia Crider
Taylor Spies