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Fall Registration

It’s hard to believe it’s that time again! We’ve created a really easy way to make our Fall registration go so well! March 25th to March 30th you will take part in our lottery drawing to register for a registration time slot the week of April 1st to 5th. You may stop by the front desk anytime to draw your time slot and pick up a copy of our Fall schedule for registration week. The schedule during registration week will run as follows;

  • Mon. April 1 -  Pre-school aged dancers as well as 5/6 year olds
  • Tues. April 2 -  7/9 year olds
  • Wed. April 3 -  7/9 year olds
  • Thurs. April 4 -  10/12 year olds
  • Fri. April 5 -  10/12 year olds as well as 13+

* Our time slots will run between 4:00pm and 8:30pm.

* You may register your child and one other person. *Important*- If you wish to register a friend, you must let us know before Saturday March 30th. No one will be allowed to walk up and register for someone without pre-registration. We are closed the week before registration, so email me at

* We would like you to have at least three choices ready when you arrive for registration in case your first choice has been filled.

* If you cannot attend on your scheduled registration day, you may come later in the week (after your age group has registered) and sign up at your convenience.

* You must choose a registration time for each child if you have multiple students. If you only want to come to the studio on one day to register, you should do it on the day that the oldest sibling can register.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are happy to help! If you have friends who want to register, they may come by beginning April 6th when we open up registration to the entire community.