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Dates & Events
Shining Stars
Second Saturday of every month from 10-11am.

A dance program now in it’s 12th season that creates a class specifically designed for kids with special needs. This free class is open to anyone in the community who has a child that could benefit from this fun class. SDC members dance with these kids the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10am-11am. 

Contact Marilyn for more info 
Feb 23 - “The Little Prince”
Holly Springs Dance Theatre presents “The Little Prince”. More Info HERE! 
Mar 2 - Recital Tickets
Recital Tickets go on sale at 8am at the studio (limit 2 per person). More Info HERE! 
Mar 9 - Additional Recital Tickets
Recital Tickets go on sale at 8am with no cap on quantity purchased. More Info HERE! 
Mar 9 - “Dance as if Nobody is Watching”
SDC’s Solo Concert at the Hope Community Church at 1, 4, 7pm 
Mar 22-24 - Picture Days
Picture weekend will be Mar 22-24 at the studio. More Info coming soon HERE! 
HSSOD Annual Holiday Cabaret!

We are so excited that this year’s Holiday Cabaret proceeds will support the Meg’s Smile Foundation.

Get more info at!

The concerts will be held on Saturday, December 1st at the Hope Community Church. Tickets are $7.00 and can be purchased at the studio. Tickets go on sale Thursday, Nov. 1st from 10am - noon and at 4pm. We hope you will make plans to attend!

Holiday Cabaret Audition Results

Thank you to all who auditioned today.  We had our largest turnout ever and our choreographers had very difficult decisions to make.  Congratulations to the following dancers...

Lonely Pup, by Caroline Edmondson and Olivia Jones -  Kinsley Annas, Mackenzie Marsh, Eliza Martin, Molly Wakefield, Ella Wolff, Alexandra Kozlowski, Sydney Lloyd, Evy Leising, Meghan Rennell, Emma Jackman, Alexis Streger-Jones, Ella-Ruth Graham, Gabby Binanay, Lily Silva.

That's Christmas To Me, by Rachel Walker and Kylie Karabinos - Lilah Ross, Estelle Talerico, Vivienne Franke,  Gabi Price, Grace Brophy, Julia Kaplan, Isabella Mugnone, Adalyn Whitson, Ava Grace Beitzel, McKenna Brooks, Zemyna Gedminas, Evelyn Appleton, Grace Flory, Katherine Snyder, Adalynn Alexander, Olivia Potts.

Jingle All The Way, by Dani Nowell and Molly Cassidy - Amanda Arauys, Vivienne Sanchez, Rowan Andrus, Lyla Kranack, Jane Villadsen, Ella Sauls, Clare Murphy, Avery Stevonson, Madeline Lisiecki, Madelyn Walker, Victoria Bamonte, Izzy Wasley.

What Christmas Means To Me, by Bayla Huff and Courtney Taylor - Katie Budronis, Caroline Herndon, Nina Walton, Ivy Smith, Kelsea Bolds, Emily Rennell, Chloe Abbott, Cameron Lewis, Ella Grace Bunker, Keira Fitzpatrick, Kathryn Cirillo, Amber O'Dirling.

Christmas Wrapping, by Emma Allan - Laney Leising, Rachel Kitching, Isabella Kozlowski, Libby Sulyi, Alonna McCalment, Elise Murray, Te'adora Binanay, Anna Caldwell, Maya Musser, Abby Varga, Thea Rohrer, Kaitlyn Graham, Maggie Akins, Lily Leising.

Gingerbread Sparkle, by Gabriella Adornetto - Kyra Lewis, Eavan Edwards, Kaylee Viverette, Danielle Bearman, Sophia Mills, Kelsey Allan, Gianna Joslin, Norah Pate, Molly Hooper, Mona Batrooni.

Oh Santa, by Keeley Mizell - Avery Ormond, Sophie Sanchez, Madeline Zarcone, Kira Geniesse, Addison Musser, Nora Anderson, Ava Groesser, Georgia Outlaw, Kate Lundy, Ainsley Lynch.

Christmas Lights, by Hayden Cagle and Aliza Adornetto - Abigail Murphy, Aliza Adornetto, Annabelle Coleman, Hannah Cowell, Hayden Cagle, Kate Ennis, Molly Schimelfenig, Rachel Walker, Sabine Pate, Sarah Nativi, Samantha Fanjoy, Audrey Williamson.

Christmas Bells, by Magen Legg - Gabriella Franks, Emerson McDonnell, Izzie Huff, Ella Duelks, Emily Pellegrino, Alyssa Ray, Peyton Doneth, Delia Reed, Lauren Weiss, Eve Griffith.

Oh, Ms. Believer, by Carlie Fuller and Isabella Dobbs - Caroline Edmondson, Hailey Whitehead, Regan Whitley, Olivia Jones, Isabell Haines, Brezny Stanton, Alice Bishop, Charlotte Rice, Ashely Arnold, Ashley Brady, Emma Babocsi, Annabelle Zuromski.

Nightmare Before Christmas, by Mia Crider - Dani Nowell, Molly Cassidy, Kylie Karabinos, Morgan Vogt, Peri Leeds, Abby Issler, Aaliyah Pugh, Marli Steers, Grace Villadsen, Mary Self, Shelby Carroll, Maegan Wasaff.

3rd Street, by Maralee Joyner - Riley Harris, Danielle Schafer, Jordan Smith, Bayla Huff, Kara Overby, Katherine Ahlheit, Paige Brennan, Hailey Berg.

Here I Am, by Mary Bird - Charlotte Rice, Rachel Walker, Maralee Joyner, Molly Cassidy, Erin Young, Allison Dahlhoff, Skylar Chappell, Magen Legg, Annabelle Coleman, Danielle Schaefer.