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Dates & Events
Shining Stars
Second Saturday of every month from 10-11am.

A dance program now in it’s 11th season that creates a class specifically designed for kids with special needs. This free class is open to anyone in the community who has a child that could benefit from this fun class. SDC members dance with these kids the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10am-11am. 

Contact Marilyn for more info 
Oct 10 - Costume Fees Due
Costume fees are due by Oct 10 - Click HERE to pay online! 
Mar 26-31 - Fall Registration Lottery
Lottery drawing for Fall Registration. Click HERE for more info! 
May 26 - Last Day of Studio Classes
The last day of classes will be May 26. 
May 29-31 - Dress Rehearsals
Dress Rehearsals at Fletcher Opera House. More Info coming soon! 
June 1-3 - Fletcher Spring Recital
Fletcher Opera House in Raleigh - Recital for ages 7/9 continuing level classes and up 
HSSOD Annual Holiday Cabaret!

We are so excited that this year’s Holiday Cabaret proceeds will support the Meg’s Smile Foundation.

Get more info at!

The concerts will be held on Saturday, December 2nd at the Hope Community Church. Tickets are $7.00 and can be purchased at the studio. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, Nov. 1st from 10am - noon and at 4pm. We hope you will make plans to attend! For more information, see Ms. Marilyn.

Holiday Cabaret Audition Results

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for Holiday Cabaret.  We had a huge turnout and are so glad that so many dancers wanted to try out!  Our decisions were very hard to make.  Congratulations to the following dancers...

The Annual Christmas Party - Molly and Addison
Addison Evans, Molly Schimelfenig, Blythe Bishop, Isabell Haines, Ella Kose, Laycie Quackenbush, Molly Cassidy, Maegan Wasaff, Marli Steers, Cassidy Christopher, Addie Stine, Kristin Connors, Molly Hooper.

Home - Charlotte Rice
Isabella Dobbs, Maralee Joyner, Katie Kitching, Alexa Clowers, Carlie Fuller, Mia Crider.

Kickin Christmas - Faith Dickson
Magen Legg, Abby Issler, Hallie Moss, Courtney Taylor, Morgan Vogt, Bayla Huff.

Three Minutes To Save The World - Bennett Bunten
Octavia Christopher, Spencer Washofsky, Megan Stolarik, Grace White, Maegan Wasaff, Jordan Kaplan, Morgan Arcoraci, Sarah Nativi, Caroline Friend, Emma Dressel, Magen Legg, Erin Young.

Silver and Gold - Kylie Karabinos, Rachel Walker
Anna Williams, Ella-Ruth Graham, Olivia Sanchez, Sophia Rudzki, Grace Flory, Adalynn Alexander, Berkley Mitchell, Ava Grace Beitzel, Evelyn Appleton, Brinley Haymer, Lyla Kranack, Sophie Beal, Katherine Snyder, Eliza Levesque.

Believe - Kirsten Jones
Kira Harrison, Kylee Tanner, Madeline Walden, Rowan Andrus, Jenna Rivenbark, Avery Ormond, Addie White, Emily White.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas - Aliza and Hayden
Cammie Jones, Isabella Kozlowski, Isabella Quiroga, Madelyn Walker, Ainslee Bruce, Peyton Doneth, Madeline Lisiecki, Erin Callaway.

Sleigh Ride - Skylar Chappell
Victoria Bamonte, Arianna Smith, Alonna McCalmont, Lindley Rose, Kelsea Balder, Payton Rice, Claire Ahlheit, Emery Steed.

Take A Chance - Emma Dressel, Abby Scarborough
Emma Babocsi, Lauren Weiss, Gabriella Kozlowski, Anabelle Zuromski, Emersyn Scutt, Riley Harris, Maya Musser, Annie Ernest, Nora Anderson, Kyra Lewis, Eliza Gemberling.

I Can See The Light - Madison Manz
Mackenzie Pekich, Grace Sipek, Kaylee Viverette, Kelsey Allan, Gianna Joslin, Lily Adkins, Taylyn Fitzpatrick, Leah Gracely, Ainsley Lynch, Alice Bishop, Brooke Eastman, Kaitlyn Lalor.

Silent Night - Maralee Joyner, Isabella Dobbs
Danielle Schaefer, Madi Stolarik, Carlie Fuller, Andrea Christopher, Mia Crider, Riley Harris.

Fine For Christmas Morning - Morgan Arcoraci
Caroline Palmer, Hailey Whitehead, Izzie Huff, Emily Mayhew, Grace Dunn, Sarah Nativi, Paige Brennan.

When I Hear A Christmas Song - Gabriella Adornetto
Sarah Baxter, Alana Roberts, Audrey Goodwin, Kara Overby, Addie Stine, Rachel Walker.

Plans - Caroline Friend
Grace Villadsen, Taylor Cavaco, Jordan Smith, Chelsea Slocum, Alanna Guertin, Marielys Franks, Hailey Stiehl, Allison Dahlhoff, Peri Leeds, Hope Sipek.

Mistetoe - Caroline Palmer, Maggie LeRoy
Alexandra Kozlowski, Kinsley Annas, Cameron Lewis, Molly Wakefield, Katie Budronis, Kendall Chase, Maya Jones, Avery Rose, Gabi Price, Lily Silva, Abby Dermady, Audrey Holliday, Julia Kaplan, Addison Marsteller, Riley Stallings, Grace Brophy.

The Polar Express - Mia and Keeley
Norah Pate, Clare Murphy, Addison Musser, Kathryn Cirillo, Kylie McCabe, Jane Villadsen, Ella Sauls, Hayley Marciar, Isabella Prince, Hannah Pekura.

It's Not Christmas Without You - Magen Legg and Erin Young
Keira Fitzpatrick, Kate Olson, Kate Lundy, Essie Mae Ellzey, Abby Varga, Sarah Musolf, Emily Rennell, Isabel Mitchell.

Rudolf/Jingle Bell Rock - Ella Vertrees and Andrea Christopher
Emerson McDonnell, Maggie Akins, Kaitlyn Graham, Katrina Haas, Rachel Kitching, Gabriella Franks, Ava Powell, Lillian Griffin, Eva Robison, Abby Shaffer.

Deck The Rooftop - Emma Allan and Sarah Nativi
Ellie Bryan, Ella Bucy, Abigail Murphey, Madeline Zarcone, Katherine Alheit, Hannah Cowell, Addie Macior, Sabine Pate, Sophie Sanchez, Libby Sulyi, Anna Grayce Riley.

Cello Of The Bells - Cassidy and Emily Mahew
Ella Haynes, Tess Haynes, Olivia Friend, Caroline Friend, Ava Carfano, Spencer Washofsky, Lily Bertlshofer, Alyssa Ray.