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Dates & Events
Shining Stars
Shining Stars will be held the second Saturday of every month from 10-11am. 
Tuition Deal!

Take 10% off your dance tuition when you pay for the entire 2015- 2016 season in advance! This offer expires June 1, 2015!

Take 5% off if you pay for the entire 2015- 2016 season in advance between June 1st and September 1st.

Relevé Dancewear

Holly Springs School of Dance recommends Relevé for all of your dancewear needs!

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NEW CLASSES! Register Now!

Register now for the following new classes that we've added!

  • 10/12 year old Continuing Ballet on Wednesdays at 3:30
  • 13+ Contemporary Ballet on Thursdays at 3:30
  • 13+ Continuing Jazz on Thursdays at 7:00

New Adult Class!

  • Adult Beginning Contemporary Ballet on Wednesdays from 8:15-9:15 with Betsy Matthews
Dancin' Our Way to Costa Rica!
A Note from the Director


Springs Dance Company Results:  Thanks to everyone who auditioned.  We had very difficult decisions to make because there were so many strong candidates.  Congratulations to the following dancers;

Apprentices:  Grace Sipek, Elizabeth Clemente, Lilly Adkins, Anna Grayce Riley, Ella Bucy, Addie Macior, Morgan Vogt, Kate Ennis, Katherine Ahlheit, Annabelle Zuromski, Hannah Cowell, Audrey Williamson, Kira Geniesse, Danielle Schaefer, Danielle Nowell, Peri Leeds, Abby Issler, Aliza Adornetto, Kara Overby, Riley Harris, Hailey Whitehead, Lia Jensen, Marli Steers, Hayley Young, Lily Bertlshofer, Emma Babocsi.

Junior Company:  Mia Crider, Cassidy Mayhew, Grace Villadsen, Alanna Guertin, Hayden Cagle, Allie Swartz, Isabella Dobbs, Audrey Goodwin, Annabelle Coleman, Chelsea Slocum, Courtney Taylor, Madison Stolarik, Kylie Karabinos, Charlotte Rice, Megan Stolarik, Shelby Carroll, Brooke Barrett, Gabriella Adornetto, Sarah Nativi, Emma Allan, Addie Stine, Ashley Longworth, Abby Scarborough, Maggie LeRoy, Caroline Palmer, Allison Dahlhoff, Caroline Friend, Amya Holland, Brianna Scott, Kayden Annas, Eliza Gemberling, Keeley Mizell, Grace Dunn, Marielys Franks, Alyson Longworth, Taylor Cavaco, Romayne Babcock, Erin Young, Rachel Walker, Maralee Joyner, Magen Legg, Carly Cavaco, Skylar Chappell.

Senior Company:  Ella Babcock, Carrie Owens, Bennett Bunten, Maya Rabins, Addison Evans, Molly Schimelfenig, Madison Manz, Maegan Wasaff, Madeline Coutant, Madeline Kelly, Sarah Holden, Kaleigh Tingelstad, Faith Dickson, Julie Owens, Kali Murray, Brienna Steers, Logan Macior, Morgan Arcoraci, Jordan Kaplan, Savannah Jade Dobbs, Erin McCarthy, Hannah Allen, Octavia Christopher, Barbara Babcock, Hannah George, Spencer Washofsky, Amy Dillman, Jessica Marano, Grace White, Rachel Hansel, Kaitlyn Madonia, Natalie Zazzeri, Em Jacobsson, Michelle Warcup, Allison Brown, Brigitte Kelly, Emma Kauffman, Ellie Chappell, Emily Weiler, Kylie Annas, Mary Moody.

Springs Ballet Company:  Katherine Hobbett, Caroline Palmer, Hayden Cagle, Kylie Karabinos, Maralee Joyner, Marielys Franks, Allie Swartz, Keeley Mizell, Alanna Guertin, Annabelle Coleman, Caroline Friend, Madison Manz, Skylar Chappell, Isabella Dobbs, Erin Young, Emma Allan, Bennett Bunten, Rachel Walker, Allison Dahlhoff, Savannah Jade Dobbs, Brigitte Kelly, Alex Karlos, Julie Owens, Michelle Warcup, Octavia Christopher, Brianna Steers.

I Love Sharing Great News!

Click for a larger image!

The Tingelstad Family has been named East Carolina University’s Family of the Year! 

We are so thankful for everyone’s continued support through the studio and Paul’s Pirates! Want to join a great group of Dads working to do great things in our community? 

Contact Chris Chappell at to join the crew!

A Message from Lisa Tinglestad

I would like to thank my wonderful HSSOD family for their amazing support for the girls and myself through this difficult time. I know Paul is honored by the Paul’s Pirates and the amazing things that are being done for the community! I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful and caring people.

Lisa, Kristyn and Kaleigh

“The Children Who Had Roses For Noses.”

“The Children Who Had Roses For Noses.” by Richard Dobbs and Marilyn Chappell

PS... I have to share some exciting news…

My dear friend Richard Dobbs (gifted artist) and I have been working on a Children’s book entitled “The Children Who Had Roses For Noses.” I wrote the book when I was pregnant with Skylar. My husband Chris and I had been told that she might have Downs Syndrom, but we made the choice not to do further testing and risk losing Skylar. When she was born perfectly healthy, we were thrilled but had a whole new sense of compassion for parents having children with special needs. I told Richard about the book and that I wondered if he would be interested in illustrating it. He shared with me that he has a sister with Downs Syndrom and would love to be a part of this.

The story is really about celebrating our uniqueness and unconditional love. You can check out our book at We hope you like it!

  read more ...
Yoga with Pam!

Holly Springs School of Dance proudly partners with Pam McCarthy for yoga classes.  Check out Pam's website at

Help a Dancer!

Do you have a way that you could support someone in our dance family? We can share acts of kindness in a variety of ways. During what has been a very difficult time for many families, here are some ways you might be able to help….

  • Offer to donate gently used shoes or leotards to share with others.
  • Pay it forward; offer to pay for a costume or one month’s tuition for a struggling family.
  • Organize a carpool to lesson the burden of transportation.
  • Volunteer your services (props construction, sewing, graphic design work, working at events) to help dancers organizing events.
  • Pledge to say something positive to every dancer you come in contact with for a whole week. Who knows, it just might become a habit and kindness is contagious!
  • Be creative! We’re open to any suggestions!

We work hard to reach out to our community, but we also want to take care of each other! Thanks for your help!