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Costume Fees

Costume Fees were due by Oct 10th! If you have not paid yet, please pay online with the link below or stop by the office.

  • Ages 7 and up - $60 per class
  • Ages 3 to 6 - $55 per class

Click HERE to pay online.

Shoes Too Tight?
Are those dance shoes feeling a little snug? We will have a box with gently used dance shoes avaliable in Studio 136. Please feel free to stop by and help yourself! Have some to donate? We would love to recycle them for you! Bring your shoes and add them to the box! All shoes are $5.00 and will go to the SDC scholarship fund.
Dates & Events
Shining Stars
Second Saturday of every month from 10-11am.
Shining Stars is a dance program now in it’s 9th season that creates a class specifically designed for kidswith special needs. This free class is open to anyone in the community who has a child that could benefit from this fun class!
Contact Marilyn for more info 
Mar 4 - Recital Tickets Available
Recital Tickets go on sale at 8am at the studio (limit 2 per person). More Info HERE! 
Mar 6-11 - Observation Week
Come watch your dancer! 
Mar 11 - Additional Recital Tickets Availabe
Recital tickets go on sale at 8am with no quantity cap 
Mar 11 - "Dance As If No One Is Watching"
SDC’s Solo Concert at the HS Cultural Center at 10am, 1, 4, 7pm 
Mar 27-31 - Lottery Drawing for Fall Registration
More information to come! 
Mar 31-Apr 2 - Picture Days
Click HERE for more information! 
Apr 3-7 - Fall Registration
Registration for the the 2017-18 season will be held April 3rd to 7th. More information to come! 
Apr 10-15 - Closed for Spring Break
The studio will be closed for Spring Break from April 10th to the 15th. 
May 13-14 - Your Dancer Recital
The Young Dancer Recital will be held Sat and Sun May 13th-14th at the Holly Springs Cultural Arts Center for ages 3-6. Look for more information HERE! 
June 2-4 - Spring Recital
Our "One World One Love" spring recital will be held June 2nd - 4th at Fletcher Opera House in Raleigh for ages 7 and up.  More Info HERE! 
Book Your Birthday Party Now!

We want to host your Princess or Frozen birthday party!

Let us create a day that your dancer will never forget! We are booking now for this season, so contact us for more info!

Relevé Dancewear

Holly Springs School of Dance recommends Relevé for all of your dancewear needs!

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Spring Recital Tickets - March 4

Recital Tickets go on sale on March 4th at 8am at the studio
(limit 2 per person)

Get all the info HERE!

A Note from the Director...

2017 is off to a wonderful start! We want to welcome of our new families who are joining us in our Mid Year Season! Here’s whats coming up in the next few months...

  • Dance mission trip to Costa Rica
  • Springs Dance Company’s solo concert
  • Dance Theatre’s performances
  • Recital preparations/performances
  • Hawaii dance trip planning
  • Auditions
  • Camps/Classes
  • Disney World performance

Read on to learn more about the great things waiting for you!
Love, Ms. Marilyn

“Dance as if Nobody is Watching” - March 11th

Springs Dance Company will be producing its concert. Dance As If No One Is Watching on Saturday, March 11th at 10am,1,4,7pm at the Holly Springs Cultural Arts Center.

This student produced concert highlights young choreographers as they create new pieces, make costuming decisions, learn about marketing, and handle all of the aspects of putting together their own concert. The audience will vote on two pieces that they would like to see performed in the recital.

You may purchase tickets for $6.00 at the Holly Springs Cultural Arts Center. This makes a great Mother/Daughter date or a fun outing for an entire class to go and support an assistant! Please mark your calendar and make plans to attend! These concerts will support Summer Study Scholarship opportunities for these dancers.

Honolulu, Hawaii Dance Trip!

Who wants to learn how to hula dance on the beach in Hawaii? To celebrate our 20th anniversary next season, we wanted to create our biggest dance trip ever!

  • 3 performance opportunities
  • Visit Pearl Harbour
  • Luau
  • Dance at Honolulu Dance Center
  • Dinner cruise
  • Hula lessons
  • Hike a volcano
  • And more!!

Open to all middle and high school aged dancers and families! Join us on Sunday, March 5th from 4-5pm in studio 148 to learn all of the details!


Join us on Sat., May 20th in studio 148

Jr./ Apprentices - 9-10:30am
Sr. Co.- 10:30-noon

*Please arrive 30 minutes early to register. More info in upcoming newsletters! Save the date!!
*Info Meething for parents is Sat. April 29th from 9-10am

Disney World Dance Trip!

Rehearsals have begun for our next Disney adventure!

We are so excited to share in an opportunity to perform down Main St., USA at Disney World! 

Thanks to the dancers for working so hard in rehearsals.


I love sharing great news!

Congratulations to Barbara Babcock and Savannah Jade Dobbs for both being accepted in the Dance Program at Point Park! Bravo!!

Photo Contests!

Congratulations to Talyn for being our Snow Photo contest winner! Check out all of the beautiful pictures on Instagram using #hssodsnowphotocontest! Talyn won a FREE summer class!

We will have another photo contest up until Valentine’s Day with dancers posting why they LOVE dance! TAG me on Instagram and use #hssodlove2017.

Be creative! Have fun!

Dancin' Our Way to Costa Rica!
“The Children Who Had Roses For Noses.”

“The Children Who Had Roses For Noses.” by Richard Dobbs and Marilyn Chappell

PS... I have to share some exciting news…

My dear friend Richard Dobbs (gifted artist) and I have been working on a Children’s book entitled “The Children Who Had Roses For Noses.” I wrote the book when I was pregnant with Skylar. My husband Chris and I had been told that she might have Downs Syndrom, but we made the choice not to do further testing and risk losing Skylar. When she was born perfectly healthy, we were thrilled but had a whole new sense of compassion for parents having children with special needs. I told Richard about the book and that I wondered if he would be interested in illustrating it. He shared with me that he has a sister with Downs Syndrom and would love to be a part of this.

The story is really about celebrating our uniqueness and unconditional love. You can check out our book at We hope you like it!

  read more ...
Yoga with Pam!

Holly Springs School of Dance proudly partners with Pam McCarthy for yoga classes.  Check out Pam's website at

Help a Dancer!

Do you have a way that you could support someone in our dance family? We can share acts of kindness in a variety of ways. During what has been a very difficult time for many families, here are some ways you might be able to help….

  • Offer to donate gently used shoes or leotards to share with others.
  • Pay it forward; offer to pay for a costume or one month’s tuition for a struggling family.
  • Organize a carpool to lesson the burden of transportation.
  • Volunteer your services (props construction, sewing, graphic design work, working at events) to help dancers organizing events.
  • Pledge to say something positive to every dancer you come in contact with for a whole week. Who knows, it just might become a habit and kindness is contagious!
  • Be creative! We’re open to any suggestions!

We work hard to reach out to our community, but we also want to take care of each other! Thanks for your help!